What do I look for in a Nappy?

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My name is Bianca and I’m a cloth addict. I buy nappies for their looks and for the prints and for the love of cloth. My son has more nappies that he can wear in 2 weeks!

WriggleBugs I started off my collection with Bam+Boo bamboo nappies. Then I discovered that you could get prints, and started buying loads of those. Then I discovered WAHM nappies – and I found my true love!

I have a growing collection of WAHM nappies, but at the rate that they are popping up, I can’t even keep up. With that said though – what is it that i look for when buying a WAHM nappy? What makes one more special over another? How do you know if you are getting a good nappy?

Here are the things that I look for:

  1. I generally buy from someone who has been around for a while. Some WAHMs were sewing when I first started using cloth. Others were still just cloth moms and started sewing and developed their business in the 14 or so months that I have been in the “in crowd”. I look for someone with experience in using cloth – you can’t make something you don’t use and love yourself. I very seldom will buy in a first stocking – I want to hear the feedback first.
  2. I look for attention to details in their sewing – symmetrical wings, seams, general nappy shape. Attention to how the print is placed – I have a thing about print being upside down on the bum! I feel it’s the part of the nappy that is most on display and so should always be right side up there. I know others feel otherwise.
  3. I look for clear explanations about the construction. Information on the layers of absorption, both in the nappy and in the inserts. I want to know up front whether I will need a cover, how long a nappy will last OTB, what inserts are standard, and if there are other ones that can be added.
  4. I look for someone who interacts with their customers – answering questions, posting helpful information. Someone who is generally active in their little piece of internet.
  5. I look for unique, interesting and fun prints. I know that there are only so many places that a WAHM can buy fabrics, but I find there is so much overlap of prints. I will usually try and buy from the first WAHM who advertises a print. But I particularly love the moms who use prints that are unique to them.

    Tyrilove, Bum Bum Boutique, Poopsy Daisy and Bush Bums

    Tyrilove, Bum Bum Boutique, Poopsy Daisy and Bush Bums

  6. I look for a uniqueness in the offering from that WAHM. I want something to make them stand out from the others that are available. Be that because of experience (uBuntu , Tyrilove & Poopsy Daisy), the type of nappy they make (Nunibunz & BumChiki), or the unique patten (Bush Bums, WriggleBugs & Bum Bum).
  7. Lastly I look for someone who has tested their nappies. Someone who doesn’t come screaming onto the scene charging the same as an established brand in their very first stocking. Someone who takes feedback and continually improves their offering. Someone who gradually builds on their products and as they improve, increases their prices.

Those are some of the deciding factors when it comes to me buying nappies. I’d love to hear your thought on this!

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The Nappy Baroness.

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