Neglect and an update :)

I have really neglected this website for the last year or so. I have a little boy who has needed a lot more attention from me as he grows and becomes a little boy, rather than the baby that he was. I apologise that everything has been left a little in the lurch.

My son has started preschool once a week and so I will now have a full day to dedicate to this website, and I will be making an effort to ensure that it is update regularly, and that it remains a relevant and useful resource for all things cloth!

I am also expecting another baby in July, and so I will be doing some posts on using cloth with a newborn, which will be new for me! I hope to have lots of useful tips and tricks which I will be happy to share with my readers and followers.

The Annual Great Cloth Diaper Change is coming up on 22 April 2017. I am once again involved in the Durban event, and look forward to seeing how we do this year in sharing the love of cloth with the world!

2017 will hopefully be a year of lots of cloth updates and a lot more information on this website!

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      I’m happy to help with any questions. Let me know where you are based and I can put you in touch with someone who can point you in the right direction.


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