The world of cloth nappying can be very confusing. There are plenty of new terms to learn and the online community is very active, and has a whole lot of their own abbreviations and terms. Below is a list collated from various online sources, in hopes of having a truly comprehensive list somewhere.

Should something be missing, please feel free to contact me to add it to the list.


AIO: All in One – A nappy where all the absorbing material and waterproof outer are attached. These can be sized or OSFM. These work the most like a disposable nappy.

AI2: All in Two – nappy comes in 2 parts, cover and insert. Usually these snap together, so that once assembled it works much like and AIO.



Bamboo: a highly absorbent fabric made from bamboo fibres. Although not considered a natural fibre, it is made from a more renewable source than other fabrics. It absorbs slower, but holds more liquid than MF.

BG: Bum Genius – a brand of nappies from the US.

BST&C : Buy/sell/trade & Chat



Cotton: an absorbent, natural fibre used in lots of ways.

Cover: Can be either a waterproof, fleece or wool cover that goes over an absorbent nappy of some sort, e.g. fitted, prefold, trifold or inserts.

CT: Cherub Tree – a brand of nappies.



De-NIP: Take out the package for the first time

De-Stash: selling or trading nappies from your own stash

DOTM: Diaper of the Month. A subscription, that sends  a surprise nappy once a month for the duration of the subscription.


EBF: Exclusively Breast Fed, which means notoriously runny poo.

EUC: Excellent Used Condition, used when selling or trading pre-loved nappies. The means the nappy is almost in its original state, used a few times, with no stink or stains.



FDR: Fold down rise

Fitted: A type of nappy where the whole nappy is made from absorbent material, shaped like a nappy, and either has a closing mechanism (velcro or snaps), or uses a snappi.

Flats: the term for any nappy that is not shaped. Most commonly Glodina towelling nappies, but there are cotton and hemp flats available too. Cotton receiving blankets can also be used as flats.

FLUFF: Nickname for cloth nappies

FOTW: Fluff on the way

FSO: For sale only

FSOT: For sale or trade



GUC: Good used condition – used when selling or trading pre-loved nappies. Means the nappy is in perfect working order, but has been used more frequently than EUC. May have small defects that do not affect the working of the nappy.



Hemp: a highly absorbent, natural fibre used for nappies. It is a very slow absorber though, and it’s recommended to combine it with a faster absorbing fabric.

Hybrid: A nappy that doesn’t quite fit any other description. Some nappies look like AIOs, but can be snapped apart of ease of wash. Others look like fitteds, but have extra hidden layers that make them work differently.



Inserts: The absorbent part of pocket nappies. They are shaped to fit in the pockets. Inserts come in various materials, the most common are microfibre, bamboo, cotton or hemp.

ISO: In Search of

J, K



Liners: These are used between the nappy and bum in order to protect one or the other. If using bum cream then a liner is recommended as the cream can affect the absorbency of the nappy. Some babies can be quite sensitive to wetness, so then a stay dry liner is recommended. These can be disposable or reusable. The disposable liners can either be flushable or not. Cloth liners can be flannel or fleece. Fleece liners have a stay dry affect.


Microfibre: a polyester fabric used for it’s absorption qualities in nappies and inserts. Absorbs quickly, but doesn’t hold liquid.

MMARO: Make me a reasonable offer – used on the BST pages, when someone has a nappy for sale and doesn’t know the value.



NIP: New in Package

NWT: New with tag

NWOT: New without tag



OBV: Organic Bamboo velour

OBF: Organic Bamboo Fleece

OS: One Size

OSFA: One Size fits all (usually actually OSFM)

OSFM: One Size fits most

OTB: On the bum



PD: Poopsy Daisy – a brand of WAHM nappies from South Africa.

Pep Cover: A cheap waterproof cover bought from PEP stores.

PIF: Pay it forward

Play condition: still usable, well used, may need some repair

Pockets: A two part nappy – the outer is made of two layers a waterproof outer layer, and a stay dry or absorbent inner layer. A pocket is left between the two which is where inserts are put to absorb the urine.

PPD: Postage paid (usually US)

Prefold: A flat nappy that may or may not have additional layers in the middle that needs to be folded and then secured. It requires a cover to make it waterproof.

PUL : Polyurethane Laminate – an outer waterproof fabric


Q, R:

RAOK: Random Act of Kindness  

Rebrands: A term used for certain nappies that are China brands (Alva, Anan, SunBaby) that are rebranded by local WAHMs with their own label. Some brands are specifically designed by the seller, but because of the limited prints of PUL, are often still called rebrands.

Rise: the way a OSFM nappy is changed to fit different sized babies. The rise refers to the height of the nappy. Various methods are available – fold down rise, snapped rise (usually 3×3) or internal changeable elastics.



S’Bish: SustainableBabyish  – a brand of nappies from the US. Very sought after fitted nappies.

Snappi: a three pronged nappy fastener, with stretch and grips at each end.

Soaker: Another word for a cover, often used for wool or fleece.



TPU:Thermoplastic Polyurethane – a breathable, waterproof laminate fabric used in some nappies.

Tri-Fold: a flat nappy that is meant to be folded in thirds. Often with additional layers in the middle. These can be used as the nappy, or as inserts in a pocket or cover.



UNB: Ultra Night Booster (normally Bam+Boo brand)



VGUC: Very good used condition



WAHM: Work at Home Mom – these are some of the most sought after nappies. Find a list of WAHMs on the supplier list.

Wet bag: A water proof bag used to carry dirty nappies when out and about. They come in various sizes. colours and prints.

 X, Y, Z:


What does the term “Stocking” mean and how do they work?

A stocking is when a WAHM or retailer post all their nappies available up for sale at a set date and time. Often on a Facebook page, although some do do them on their own websites. The pictures of the available nappies are loaded and are made available for comment (on Facebook), or purchase (on other sites with shopping carts).
When the pictures go live the first person to comment “me” on the photo according to what shows on the seller’s side gets to score the nappy. If that person chooses to pass then it goes to the next in line (NIL). Payment is usually required in a certain time or it passes to the NIL.
On Facebook it’s important to remember to comment on the photo not the album. If you comment on the album you will lose out. And be fast there are some seasoned stocking stalkers out there. (Find some on SACNU if you need an extra pair of hands)

What does the term “Stalking” mean?

To ‘Stalk” simply means you have either been requested by another to assist in the possible scoring of a nappy on a stocking, or you have requested the help of another in your own quest.  The stalker is an extra pair of hands to try land a nappy.  It is then up to the purchaser to put the payment through asap to ensure the purchase.

What does the term “Score” mean?

To “Score” a diaper you have either purchased a much desired and or rare diaper in a pre-loved State or you have managed to purchase a brand new limited edition diaper on a Stocking through Hyenacart or other online portals by yourself or with help from friends who are “stalking” for you.



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