Cloth 101

“HELP! I’m new to cloth and I don’t even know where to start!”

The cloth community is amazing at sharing their information, but it is sometimes hard to find where to get the information you need to start. This video by Amanda of DoodleBums is a really good place to start:

Then have a look at our Glossary for an explanation of all the different words and terms that are used in cloth nappying.

And have a look at our FAQs, or submit your own question on that page if you don’t find the answers to something you need help with.

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And join the South African Cloth Nappy Users Facebook page to get all sorts of assistance. The link for that is at the bottom of this website.

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    1. SAClothDirectory Post author

      Please have a look through the directory on this website to find suppliers of cloth nappies.


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