The most common questions asked by people new to cloth nappying, or just starting out, and the answers collated from various communities I belong to:

Q) I’ve decided to cloth nappy – where do I start? 

A) Start by doing as much research as possible. Use this page, as well as the groups and pages that we link to. Then start by buying or renting a few nappies to test out with your child. Once you know what works for you and your baby, then start to build your stash. We don’t recommend going out and buying a whole lot of nappies in one brand. 

Q) Which nappies are the best ones to buy when starting out?

A) A variety of nappies best. Once you get started you will realise that different nappies work best in different situations, and that you prefer different kinds. There are companies that supply loan buckets, which will give you the opportunity to try out a few different kinds of nappies before making a decision on what works best for you and baby. No one recommends buying all one type of nappy, although there are plenty of moms who have managed just fine with all one brand. 

Q) How much difference is there between cloth and disposable, with regards to effort? 

A) Very little! Aside from not throwing away the nappy, there is general consensus that it takes about 10 minutes per day extra to launder the nappies, and prepare them for being put on the bum. You need a few extra items in your nappy bag and nursery, but not that much. And you do laundry regularly anyway, so this is just adding to the load. 

Q) Aside from nappies, what else do I need?

A) You will need a wet bag for your nappy bag, for when you are out and about. This is to bring your nappies home to wash. You will need a bucket or large wet bag for storing your nappies in between coming off the bum, and wash day. You will probably want a storage system that makes it easy to see the different nappies you have. And most people like to have a clothes horse for drying covers inside when needed, but line drying is perfect. 

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  1. Natasha Booysen

    I there- i bought my cloth nappies and due to sad circumstances i will not be needing them anymore They are still brand new and never been used. i have plain and printed ones. 15 Includes 1 micro fibre insert and 1 additional bamboo insert for each one.

    Where can i advertise to sell them?


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